Sad day, indeed.

So why b**ch about gun control, honestly?

I have noticed lately that we have had some serious problems with some seriously odd people doing serious damage to our “safe” zoned areas. Military bases, schools of all levels, large shopping malls, and many, many more designed safe areas.

Honestly speaking, from my point of view:

Adding more restrictions on our guns will not help in situations like this.

People cannot be predicted, and when we make the mistake of trying to predict them; bad things will happen.

Example: We, as a people, have attempted and will continue to attempt to add more and more regulations upon our existing gun laws and it will be to no avail. Laws are only words put into practice by people, simple people, to enforce among law abiding or un-abiding citizens. People are people, guns are guns. A weapon is a weapon, and as long as something can be used as weapon, it will be used by someone to cause harm upon another human being. It’s that simple. People have been killing other people since the beginning and will continue to do so until something bigger than we mere humans can physically step forth and stop it.

As someone on my Facebook so eloquently put it: “If a man had killed a bunch of people with a shovel we wouldn’t be debating the legality of shovels and blaming the home depot for the crime… Just saying a weapon is a weapon. The person chooses to use it.”

I agree wholeheartedly, and this is what my previous paragraph pertains to.

I do not pretend to understand people, what they do, or why they seem to want to do it’ nor will I ever claim to understand the human brain. I am constantly asking myself and others, “Why would/do people do these things?” I’m not just talking about mass shootings in public places, I’m talking about things such as why a person would peel a banana a certain way, or why someone gave their last lunch meal ticket to someone else when they so obviously need it. The human mind is a boggling idea and can literally be held within someone’s hands after our human death. It weighs a little over three pounds and holds contains our entire existence within its confines. Yet, we constantly endeavor to study it, magnify it, simply it, and pry it apart in an effort to understand it.

My overall question here, friends, is why the hell are you all bringing up a damn law when someone who seems to be completely sane has taken the lives of over 20 individuals in the course of 30 minutes or less? Those families have lost lives, and all you care to talk about or think about is the law(s) that gave him, and you the right to own these weapons? I say, shame on you. Shame on you for this. You care so damn much about a law; some words on paper, that you haven’t realized that it is not the GUN that took those lives, it was an INDIVIDUAL PERSON. It doesn’t take rocket science to attain a weapon, no matter what it may be.

Another friend of mine posted this to Facebook: “I want anyone that is for aggressive gun control to go into any really bad neighborhood unarmed and ask the nearest drug dealer if you can have their gun because guns are BAD. Remember to ask nicely.”

This also exemplifies my point.

You can regulate the things all day but just because it may be illegal doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a need or use for it at some point in your life.

Stop pointing fingers, stop shouting profanities, and stop spreading hate and ignorance wherever you go. Think about the whole picture, whole scenario before you decide to place a stigma upon an inanimate object.

With this said, I feel that today is yet another very sad day in our nation where our people are not safe, even from themselves.

Here’s a nifty link to another well-written blog post I read earlier today:


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1 Response to Sad day, indeed.

  1. bynw says:

    I like the shovel analogy. Very true indeed. If just one of those teachers in that school were permitted to have a gun. The loss of lives would have been greatly reduced. Still a tragedy even when there is one loss of life. And man has been killing man since the beginning. It was the 2nd sin after the fall from Grace, committed by Cain when he killed his brother Able.

    Connecticut already has some very tough anti-gun laws on the books. But it didn’t help. And wont help having more. China has some very strict controls on gun ownership given that its a communist country. So a man walks into a school there this week and uses a knife to kill children. The saying is true. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

    People are NOT inherently good either. Mankind is a sinful creature and will do evil acts because he is a fallen Creation. People ARE inherently evil. Without a solid foundation in Christ and following His teachings. Man will do evil. A True Believer may stumble and sin from time to time, we are not perfect by any means. We still have a body that lusts after doing wrong. But there is hope for us all.

    Allow God to come back into the classroom. Stop restricting law abiding citizens of their God-given rights to protect themselves and their loved ones. And see a better world. How many school shootings happened in the 1800’s when everyone owned a gun and 5 year olds knew how to shoot? And the classroom was in the Church?

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