New car, new issues?

So I finally have a “new” car after waiting almost a year it seems. Pretty excited.

Here’s the story:

My mother found me an ’88 Jeep Cherokee Laredo a while ago (not this summer but the summer before) and it had some major repair work done on it and several years of taxes on the tag to pay back. We took care of all that and everything was dandy. We replaced the radiator and some valves, stuff of that nature. These repairs prevented me from actually attaining the vehicle for several weeks until it was deemed safe enough for me to drive on a daily basis. I began to use it for my summer job every afternoon for about three weeks when it began to act up with some crazy grinding noises from the rear driver wheel. Turns out, there was a bearing gone in the axle and wheel so it took the repair guys about a week to decide to finish it up and deem it safe to drive again. We repeated this process on three different occasions and finally the repair stuck long enough for us to move back home (over 300 miles from there to home). It survived about a month after that when the bearing went out again as I was traveling halfway back to that location to help my mothers then fiance with his vehicles and such. It went out five minutes from where he was and blew out the entire driver side rear axle. It blew, wiggled out of the casing, rolled with the vehicle a bit then bounced off the driver side rear quarter panel, driver passenger door, the driver door, then tapped the front end and disappeared. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

After that, the repair company decided to total out the car instead of acquiring the parts needed and repairing what the damage they caused with faulty repair work.

I have been searching for a vehicle since then and have been unsuccessful in finding one that my mother would consent to, for any price or condition. (I think this was largely due to a monetary problem.) Recently, I was accepted to Troy University, which is a little over two hours away from home and I was intending to transfer there next summer when the dorms began processing again. I would also definitely need a vehicle or at least some way to come home every now and again, and expressed this to my family. (I live with my mother and grandparents.)

At our recent holiday family get-together, my grandmother asked my brother if he had a car he could give me, and have it done as soon as possible for me. I personally think she was slightly out of bounds and pushy about this but she handles things in a very different perspective than I do. Just sayin’. With that being said, he was all for the idea, and already had a car that he needed to have gone from our uncle’s yard. He said it was a car he had acquired with the intention of fixing it up a bit and finding it a new home at some point but had yet to finish it at that time. From what I gather, he then began to work on the finishing touches on the car, and drove it around for a few weeks to work out any kinks and replace a few things under the hood. He called and told our grandmother the information to have it placed under my mothers insurance and he would have it out here in a few weeks.

He called her four days ago and said he was bring her a load of rocks she had been asking for, as well as my car. She told me and it was done. We had a small squabble over whether or not I would be here to accept it and learn about it when he arrived and that sort of thing but all was well shortly thereafter.

Jump to Saturday, December 15:

He is supposed to be here this afternoon with the car and the rocks.

I tell my boyfriend that I had previous plans with that I was going to hang out with my grandparents for a few hours and then we were off. Boyfriend didn’t answer right away so I basically left him a message, not knowing when he was going to get it but also knowing that he would text me.

Unbeknownst to me, my phone didn’t have service in the building we were in and he was really upset with me when he finally called me after we left. He ended up changing his plans and then rushing me later on.

About an hour after we arrive home close to 12:30 PM, my brother arrives early. I’m happy he’s early but we have a slight squabble over his protectiveness of the car; typical since he doesn’t know anything about me or my life.

We check everything out in the driveway and pump up the spare tire and all the stuff like that. It needs new windshield wipers, and the driver window has an interesting issue when its rolled all the way down sometimes, and the rear passenger tire makes some noise over bumps. Other than that, I need to check the fluids once a week and all is well.

Mom came home today so I talked to her and we called the insurance and had the car put on it, which means all that is left is for me/us to get the title put in my name, as well as the tag. Plus, it needs new wipers and maybe a brake light bulb, since it seems to have blown at some point.

I’m excited and I’m kinda rushing my mom to get this car running so I can begin driving it and learning about it and everything you do with a new car you know nothing about.

So far, the wipers and taillight bother me, but no where near as much as the interior lights not coming on when I got in it to move it tonight. I was literally blind in there since it’s raining like hell here. I ended up using my cell phone to find the switch for the headlights. I never even tried the wipers. Sigh.

I’m excited though, and I want to share that with my boyfriend but I’m not completely sure he gets that, yet. We will see.

Until next time, have fun and enjoy what you can. ~Sarah


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I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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