It’s all downhill it seems: Take one

And here’s the action:

So my brother CJ just called me and he really kinda freaked me out with what he needed to tell me.

He just got out of jail. For real. No shit, no joke, straight up behind bars for four days. I literally talked to him less than 24 hours before he went in.

Here’s what he told me:

He went for a walk to clear his head (nothing unusual for him since he does this sometimes when he’s restless). He ended up walking through a seemingly abandoned building area and thought nothing of it. He’s not one of these people that strives to break rules or take things that are not his to take. He just thought it was interesting and it caught his attention (the building) so he walked around it and kept going. Later that night, it turns out that he convinced his chick friend/hopeful girlfriend to take a walk with him. He took her to the aforementioned building and they walked around for a minute. Five minutes into the walk, SWAT teams and sheriffs and police all swooped in on them and arrested them both for trespassing.

He’s been in jail since then and got out at 4 pm today because a friend’s relative is a bondsman and bailed him out. Crazy events like this could only ever happen to my brother. If this had been any other person, I’m sure it would have gone done differently.

I love my brother to death, and I would take anything for him… This is so crazy. I cannot believe this happened to him simply because he took a walk. There were no ‘no trespassing’ signs anywhere, the building and land were completely open to passersby but they were arrested on the spot. No questions asked.

According to what the police and sheriff told him, there have been several people coming into the space and stealing anything and everything they can get their hands on. The SWAT and police teams were only there to catch the thieves and take care of the problem. What CJ and I aren’t fully understanding is why they (the SWAT and police) were armed and in place with fully automatic weapons and turn out gear for thieves.

This is all so crazy.

He called me to let me know he loved me and to fill me in on everything that happened. He said that he was headed home to collect up his pay checks and get his car title pawned so he can pay his the fine on his ticket for the supposed trespassing and everything. He also said that Verizon was going to cut off his cell phone soon and that he would buy a little 20 dollar phone to text from until he could get everything back together. His court date is January 29th’ that’s three days after his 21st birthday.

It’s so scary hearing him call me the way he did. He scares me. And I get so terrified when he calls and tells me things like this and says “I just wanted to call and let you know  love you.”

I miss him so much. :/

Maybe things will get better for him soon. He wants to start over with the new job he mentioned earlier and everything. I hope something breaks loose for him really soon because I know how hard he works to get by.


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