Crazy Dreams Last Night

Last night was Christmas Day night and I stayed up late like I usually do, and ended up having some crazy dreams. This time, I actually remember them and its kinda freaking me out a little tiny bit.

So it starts off with some bit about me and this chick I’m hanging out with in the mall having some fun and stuff. Somehow it ties into her and the other chick we were with blackmailing the guys they were seeing by somehow sleeping with each others guy and I have no idea what started that. That scene flowed into blackmailing one of the guys who worked in the jewelry counter into giving the chick I was with a free piece of jewelry by overriding the paperwork in the computer. It was taking so long that another chick I knew came in with her lipstick smeared on her shirt and her face was light up a bit. I asked her what happened to her and she said that she just got what she wanted. She had fought a little old man for the last piece of something and won it through the fight. I said congrats, hugged her, and walked back to the counter. Between the lipstick chick walking in and listening to the guy at the counter on the computer, the second chick we were with walked up and was enjoying a hug and kiss from her guy. I remember thinking, “How cute, too bad they both cheated.” Then they walked over for a second to say goodbye to us and walked out the door. After that I remember changing to the computer guy’s point of view and watching as he was sweating bullets working at the forms. He then heard a ding and switch to his email window. He read and reread an email from an unknown source. It said something like “Your time is up, you have spent too much time with this customer. Be prepared for a phone call. Finish up here, send the girl away, and pack your things. Walk away.”

I don’t know what he did after that besides tell the girl he were finished and that her package was being shipped within the week, no charge. We then walked out of the mall and began to look for my car. I saw a car like mine parked close and walked towards it then spotted mine further away. The girl somehow disappeared and I got to my car in the dark, and attempted to get into it in the dark. I was trying my key in the truck when some guy crept up on me and somehow opened my trunk. He claimed he was trying to get into his car as well and even had the door open when someone else and their kids came up and got into the car he had just opened. He said something like, “This must be a ’57 instead of my ’58, the keys open both models. Oops.” He turned to me and began to advance on me while I tried to get my key in the driver door to get in and drive away quickly. Then the other guy I had seen with the kids getting into the other car was talking to the guy advancing on me about what locking mechanism my doors had, a two-step of a slide. The second guy then opened the passenger door and unlocked the driver door and I got in, not thinking about the stranger in my car. I was just trying to get away from the first guy. When I got into my car, the first guy disappeared and I looked around my car and the other car was gone too. I then looked at the guy in my car and I froze. He didn’t say anything but I started pleading with him to please get out or get in the back seat, I had to go, I had to pick up someone. “Please just get in the backseat, please, please, please…” That’s all I really remember saying to him. Somehow I convinced him to climb in the backseat, then I was driving. I drove out of the parking lot and was on the 8-lane highway that goes around the mall, I was turning left at the light when I realized that I was trying to get back into the parking lots surrounding the mall to try to find the girl that had been with me.

This dream really rattled me. I cannot figure out what may have triggered this dream, and normally I can. My subconscious is usually pretty clear to me.

I also had another dream from another night but I know what triggered it. It’s just a small insecurity I have about my family. No big problem.

I’m still just worried what int he world caused me to have those carjack dreams… *shivers*


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I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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