I miss you: Dawson William Laws March 26, 1987-February 3, 2013

Most of you don’t know me, at least not well enough to know how close I was to my brother Dawson.

I didn’t grow up with him, due to family differences. He sought me out while I was in my sophomore or junior year in high school.

We have grown close over these years that we’ve known each other, and now…

There’s a huge chunk of me missing….

His wife texted me at 3:07 AM ths morning and told me that he had died.

She had gone out for something and when she came home, she found him in the bathroom and he was gone. He had had a seizure and it took him from us.

There’s just no words. I’m still in shock, still processing…

I have called, texted, messaged, skyped and woken up everyone I could think of to and now there’s almost nothing left for me to do.

I don’t want to break down. I don’t want to break down. Not again… I just can’t handle any of this right this minute.

I love him, I miss him… But he’s in a much better place. He doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore. You can’t ask for more than that.



About spartinlaws

I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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