Happy Birthday, Dawson “Dweeb” Laws, my brother in paradise.

I would have called you on this day,
I would have called you to share my love with you.
I would have called you this day,
To tell you a thing I wanted to say.
I wanted to call you this day,
To tell you Happy “Early” Birthday.
Oh joyous day, oh joyous day!
May we celebrate on this, in this way
I can tell you,
Today (tomorrow) will be a happy day.
For everyday, for you,
Is now a happy, joyful day.

I love you, and I will see you again one day.

Happy “Early” Birthday, Dweeb.

I posted this on my brother’s Facebook a day or so before his birthday.
Every year since he found me, we have called each other on our respective birthdays, and wish each other a happy birthday. We would share our love for each other and share our days with each other. I miss him more and more each day, and its never going to go away.

Of course I miss him and I wish he hadn’t gone, but he is in a much better place, where there are no seizures or hardships for him to bear. My life has been made all the sweeter since Dawson came into it and without him there, it’s a little bit dimmer.

Every time I hear his name, I opens a new space in my heart. It comforts me to know that I am not alone; I have so many wonderful people around me everyday to help me and for me to help them with this tragic loss.

Dawson is and was such a bright soul, and will never be forgotten. He touched so many people and showed so many that there are still people in this life that care for others more than themselves.

He showed me that life can suck the fun out you, but ONLY if you LET it. He showed me how to be bright and caring again. He helped teach me the right attitude to have in life and I will never forget that.

I miss him everyday, and it seems like everyday there is something more that I want to tell him, to call him about.

I love you, Dawson. I’m glad you found me and gave me a brother.


About spartinlaws

I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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