Me and Joey are now a new fixture in my “niece’s” life and her mom’s life as well. We met her through our friend Matt, and now we talk to her and the kids more than we talk to him. Sad trade but that’s how it goes.


I am now their official photographer and I have been to all her softball games so far this season. I had no idea I would love going to these games as much as I do. I love being there, supporting this little girl and her family. I love being a part of her family and their lives. I love that she looks up to me and my boyfriend.

What strikes me the most about going to these softball games… is her conviction. Her dedication to this game is phenomenal. When her team makes a run, she’s out there celebrating. When her team wins, she’s the happiest little person in the world. If she strikes out, she is so upset, that she won’t speak, she won’t sleep on the way home, she’s truly upset with herself.

When he and I showed up to her first game, she was so excited to see us. Her face bloomed, she was visibly more focused on her game and teammates. She calls me over to the dugout all the time. She smiles at me for pictures when she’s out in the field. She’s constantly letting us know how excited she is for us all to be there for her.

Watching her this last week has shown me her habits out on the field. When she’s batting… She likes to get it out in the field on the first or second swing. Anything after that and she gets frustrated with fouls and hates being stuck on any base through more than one batter. Her team’s pretty good about loading up the bases and keeping the game moving. For the first half of the game they get a lot of foul balls but once they switch for the third inning… You better bet on them to win. These little kids play with more conviction than I ever thought possible.

And you know what? That little girl teaches me something every time I see her. She teaches me to never give up, keep to my guns, and to hold close the ones I love. She may not talk to me much, but she sure does let me know she loves that I’m there.

I take pictures of that little girl and her family every chance I get. They are some of the most loving and giving people I have ever met. They tell you like it is, they don’t sugarcoat anything. They welcomed me and my boyfriend with open arms, no questions asked.

They are some wonderful people. I’m so glad I got to meet them and be a part of their family.


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I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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