Is it update time again?Well. Here goes nothin’

Is it update time again?

Well. Here goes nothin’ I suppose.

I’m in the home stretch of my third year at Southern Union. I have three exams left then I’m done with it, and college, forever. Or at least for a few years. I’m not happy about it. Many things are changing very quickly and I have no time to adjust.

Let me explain.

 I have been planning (for years) to go to college, get my degree in photojournalism, and attempt my hand at my business (Dancing DragonFly Photography). But now I am unable to finish my education and am in desperate need of a job or some sort of income NOW. ASAP. 

I was unconditionally accepted into Troy University in Troy, Al but I learned that I was unable to attend due to a financial crisis. My dream went up in a puff of smoke within the limits of one phone call. I was awarded over five grand through a government grant but I would have need 20 grand more just for classes and books alone. I was crushed and my life and my idea of what I wanted from it came crashing down around me. I panicked. And I’m still panicking.

I have three more exams to take, then I am done with college. I have to immediately find and begin working somewhere. I have bills I have to pay, I have a car I have to maintain, and I will more than likely have no health insurance. I’m kinda terrified.

I’ve worked hard, and now it seems like when I need help… No one is there anymore. Everyone is always depending on me for help with everything but now that I absolutely need help, everyone has disappeared. I am so terrified of everything and not having the things I need and its all just very heavy on my shoulders. (As if there wasn’t enough stuff on them before.)

I’m working very hard to get my business out there and I’m about to create accounts for it on several other social media sites. (If you have any suggestions I would appreciate them in a comment or direct email.) I’ve been promoting lately and I’m seriously hoping I can attempt to start selling prints of some of my favorite and the public’s favorite, photographs I have taken. It’s going to be a long hard road and I’ve given up a lot of dreams and hopes that I had previously. I’m going to work hard, and promote even harder.

Eventually I’ll save up enough to fix my car and spare tire. Eventually I’ll save up enough money to acquire the things I need for my business to run the way I need and want it to. Eventually I’ll have enough to move out on my own. I run my business largely online and that’s where my promoting is mostly executed plus word-of-mouth. A sister of mine has asked me to take pictures of her youngest daughter (my niece) at her softball games this year. (I’ve only missed one game so far.) And she loves the pictures I’ve captured thus far. I have to admit that I’ve become quite the softball fan. She swings a mean bat and runs the bases like no body’s business.

I’m hoping to spread the word around and get my name and my business out into the world as much as possible. I need to get more business cards made up soon but that will have to wait.

To sum up the last few weeks of my life, I would have to say that it has been a whirlwind of activity. I’ve been busy and I hope to become more busy with my business as the months carry on.

My photography is the only thing besides my family and my love (Joey) that I have left. I WILL NOT give up on them or it.


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I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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