I’ve been thinking lately…

So Lately, I’ve been thinking about how things used to be. As in, late country nights with good music, good people, and great stories.

I miss that. I really do. Seems like everyone is running around worrying about what others think and making it a point not to have fun anymore for fear of rejection.

I think it’s just about time that we stop giving so much thought towards what other people think about us and start having fun again.

I miss bonfires, late nights, cold drinks, hot drinks, loud music, and great stories. I miss gathering up friends, great food, and hanging out in the back field around the fire in the middle of the night just sharing great stories and wonderful company. I miss being in touch with my roots and the people I grew up with.

Now and then I think about how young we all were and how much fun we all had and then I think… Why can’t we have that much fun now?

I’ve been thinking about those late nights and early mornings we used to have at my sister’s house for parties and get-togethers every other weekend. We would spend the week gathering the wood and brush for the fire, and clear a spot in the back pasture. We would gather up the fixin’s for s’mores, hotdogs and drinks for everyone three days before and have someone choose a vehicle to park near camp the night before with the food and coolers. We would plan huge parties with enough food for 30 people but never have that many folks around the fire. Us kids would help around the house for that week and work extra hard to make sure we could enjoy the weekend too. Those of us who lived here got to enjoy the quiet of living in the back woods every night. Our city-slicker friends thought it was the best thing ever to have a bon fire in the backyard and feed graham crackers to the horses at the edge of the fire pit. I couldnt tell you how many people I watched get robbed of their smores by the horses, Ariel and Scout.

I miss the simplicity of a few great people gathered around a bonfire on a warm summer night sharing stories we all know by heart.

Now that I’m older and can appreciate the simpler things in life, I realize how lucky I was growing up.

I may not always have my friends and family as close as I once did around that campfire. And that old “stump-hinge” may not be there anymore… But I still have the stories to tell, the people to call, and the lifetime of memories to share with others.


Now that I’m older, my “campfire” has changed from a bon fire to more of a back road of mud, dirt, and ice-cold creek water. Sometimes, and for one long summer, it was a beach in South Alabama. But no matter where I go, or who is around me, I always have that comforting feeling of peace I learned to cherish from so many nights around a fire with so many great people.

Whether it be a beach, a bon fire, or a sunny spot in the creek bend, there’s always that peaceful comfort and serenity that draws me in.

I think our generation should bring back that close-nit community we grew up with in the 90’s and show the next generation what its like to have friends all over and no boundaries.


About spartinlaws

I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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