D-13/J-14: August +

As promised:

August: I’m still working myself to death at that local fuel station. Things are no longer looking up, but have settled quite nicely. I’m spending more and more time with Boyfriend, (which is always nice) and everyone at home is doing well.

There’s not much else for August, other than work and the occasional good time with Boyfriend.

October: Working even more, and not getting weekends to myself anymore. I work just about seven days a week. Mom’s health is slowly coming down from good to not very good. Grandma’s doing better, for the moment.

November: Yay, I’m 22. I didn’t get to party on my 21st birthday so I partied on the next one. I regret nothing.

I also moved in with Boyfriend slowly over about two-three months beginning in August and by mid November I was moved in completely. At that point, we were doing pretty well together. We also adopted a cat and then Cat decided he wanted to be an outdoor kitty and we let him. (The boys named him Dipshit, and he responded to it. Go figure.)

With three people living in such a small space, some settling was mandatory and necessary. We were working well together and still do; to a point. I made no promises when Boyfriend and I decided that Friend would come live with us until he could get back in his truck and go back to work.

I reconnected with a good friend of mine right in the middle of this month, too. It was long overdue. She and I drifted apart about a year ago when our paths no longer collided on a regular basis then she began popping up again.We decided that we were going to get together more and then, well… We are just about inseparable. Mostly.

Things are settled again, and everyone is doing well. How long will it last?

December 2013 and January 2014 will be on next post.


About spartinlaws

I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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1 Response to D-13/J-14: August +

  1. Eura Ha (your buddy) says:

    I’m glad to read your posts. I get to know how things are going for you. Yeah dipshit bites and it ain’t fun. That silly cat. I love you hope things get better each day 🙂 loves and kisses to you and your mama ♡

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