December 2013/January 2014

Wow. Just let me apologize to you all right now for not updating at all for what…? Six months? Really, I’m so sorry.

With that being said, I’m not sure where I left you all last, but I’m about to make up for that; I promise.

August: Wait, let’s start back in June/July.

June/July: I started working at a local fuel station and living with my grandparents and mother. Life was going well, right? Right. I was making connections and the every day flow was going well. I was working, I was eating, and I was sleeping. Mom was doing okay for a while there, and Grandma was good, too.

But where there is give, there’s always take. In this case I was working for bills, my car, and hoping to move up to improve my photography. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time left over for my photography when I was working a crazy schedule, taking care of myself, and my family. It was hard for me to manage my time.

July: A good friend of mine and Boyfriend’s was chatting us up for a few weeks and such, and then we didnt hear from him for about a week. We weren’t concerned about it since he’s an OTR trucker and sometimes gets bogged down. No big deal. Friend messaged Boyfriend the end of that week, everything was good and well. A few more days, a few more runs later and Friend is in the hospital.

Friend called Boyfriend and me because we are basically his only family. We were the only ones whom Friend could call that could or even would come make sure he okay. I’m still not sure how he even made a phone call with the way he was when we finally got to the hospital.

It turns out… Friend had a seizure. Out of no where, he’d never had one before and hasn’t had one since.  We brought him home after we took care of the paperwork with the hospital and made follow up appointments for him afterwards. He had blood work done in the hospital as well as a CT scan on his brain. They all said seizure, and he was not to be driving at all until he was cleared by a neurologist.

About a week later, we all trooped to the neurologist and had a visit. Doctor wanted more blood work, another CT scan, and then we went to see a specialist for some sort of seizure testing where he had to be in a room with flashing lights and stuff. Friend loved the lights, but the test itself said no seizure activity at all in his brain. The blood tests and the CT scan said the same thing. Neurologist said come see me in six months or so and we’ll reevaluate your condition and get you back on the road. Since then, Friend has been staying with Boyfriend and me. He’s due any time now for another visit to the doctor and hopefully good news. Disclaimer: What was not mentioned here is that Friend lost a relationship and a child. The loss of that child was hard on everyone.

August will be on the next update.


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I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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  1. Leola says:

    Loved it and love you too

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