Under the title of things left unsaid…

In the topic things not said,

I have not abandoned those unread.

I have merely been absent as of late.

Several things have been known to happen,

and thus forth I shall spread the tales of thine tread.


I foisted my presence unto that of my brother and his wife-to-be,

as well as Ally and Mr. King Cookie.

Wherein I supposed, I photographed the joining

Of Allison and Bryon Robbins, indeed.

A beautiful affair, without any doubt;

A stage full of love, fear, and nostalgic thoughts.

As she appeared a hush came about,

Love at first sight, that’s what we were all about.

With a wink and a flash, it was all over and done.

We sent the delighted couple

To take a chance and swoon;

To dance and shimmy,

Off to the moon.

Many blessing to behold, 

As a Mother’s love is true to be told,

A Madelynn Rose, you will soon hold,

Near and dear to us all,

Your one true sweetheart,

Your second true love.


Many blessings and much love, this I hold to you

Madelynn Rose Robbins, Allison Robbins, and Bryon Robbins

Will soon a family make;

As family and friends draw near and dear.

Let there be many Uncles and Aunts

Let us do make!



About spartinlaws

I am a photographer, and I live my life the best way that I can: Happily.
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